Monday, August 16, 2010

Sandy, these things only happen to you....

I hear that alot.

I must be this attracting magnet for crazy things happening.

Thank goodness God gave me a sense of humor that I can laugh these things off.

This morning, at precisely 8:12 AM

(not 8:11 am, not 8:13 am...8:12am)

I did a radio interview for the other blog I keep.

Essentially, it is a 1-2 minute spot that highlights the happenings in our local area.

I highlight my top 5 activities for the upcoming week.

Last time I locked myself in C's bedroom and let them reak havoc on the house.

This time, everything was calm before the call.

Apparently, a little too calm.

Because after the calm, comes the storm.

In that 45 seconds to 2 minute spot the following happened:

Slight anxiety attack.....yeah, slight....

I had no less than 2 complete brain farts

C. woke up

C BLEW through his overnight pull up causing a bazillion little urine filled beads to fill his bed

My brother-in-law pulled down my driveway to fetch a tool in the garage

Both boys screamed, "Uncle Matt's here!!!"

Molly erupted in crazy protective barking

C. (naked and full of beads still) begged for breakfast

My work phone rang....and rang....and rang (For the love of Pete, where is my voice mail!!)

Actually, there's more...but for the life of me, I cannot remember them all.

While it was a decent radio interview, I wish it could have been spot on perfect.

But, I'm not a perfect person.

I still had fun, and got the job done.

And, once again, I have managed to survive another Sandy-type morning.


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the mrs. said...

You're a mom.
You're a survivor.
Thanks for sharing on BF!