Sunday, August 15, 2010

C turns 3!!! And we do not descriminate any commercially licensed characters.

Yesterday, my baby boy turned 3!

We started the day with some breakfast:  waffles and blueberries. 

During which, my baby boy let me know all the different ways he can count to 3.
(blueberries, toes, fingers, teeth, etc.)

Part of the morning was spent helping daddy and big brother lay the hardwood in the living room.  (!)

Then, errand running for the upcoming party.  I let each boy pick out a balloon on their birthday.  Party City had a special:  some of the mylar balloons that were already blown up were marked down from $9.99 to .50.  Uh...yeah, while I usually let him pick anyone, I gently steered him to a specific area of pre-blown up balloons.  :)

He chose boots.  (from Dora)

Then we went to Meijer for the cake.

He chose Elmo. 

Then I went to wrap his gift.

Enter:  Lightning McQueen.

And, since I'm cheap budget conscious, we used left over
napkins and cake plates.
So, Thomas the Tank Engine and  Zoey (Seasme Street) joined the party.

We had both sets of grandparents and D's uncle Greg and aunt Kathy (who were in town visiting) over for dinner:


(thanks everyone!)

And some yummy cake:

And just because I'm nostalgic about my baby boy turning 3...

here's one for the road.

Excuse me while I go weep.

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beautiful pictures . How adorable.Loving the blog.
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