Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Ahhh, the weekly therapy session begins.

I am not bribing my toddler to be still with one of Dave's "little debbie" snacks (generic version, of course).  I would never bribe my toddler, first of all.  And second, I would NEVER dangle the carrot of void-of-all nutrient-sugar-dense junk food.  I only blog when the timing is appropriate, and never during play time.  I am always diligent to fill my little toddler's tummy with only things that are good for him.

I am not a procrastinator.  I would never procrastinate my work load leaving my husband to take care of the boys for 5 hours on Sunday just so I could meet my daily goal.  Nope!  Not me!  I am a wise consumer of my time, and always on top of my work load.  I would never stick my husband with two cabin-fevered boys on a Sunday afternoon....and especially not on the afternoon of this birthday.  Whoa, no!  Not me!  Birthdays here are national holidays, and are meant to be observed all week long.

Speaking of my husband's birthday, I did not wish him a Happy Birthday on my facebook status...a day early.  I always am aware of the date, and would never mess up the actual day of his birthday.  He did not call me that day- to which I did not greet him with a "Happy Birthday, mister!"  And if I did greet him that way (which I didn't...but you know, if I did), he did not reply, "ahhhh.....yeah....tomorrow...."  Not Me!  I am the best, most up-to-date wife in the world.  I certainly know which day my husband's birthday falls on every year.

Speaking of date-challenged, I did not send out my niece and nephew's birthday cards late.  Definately not really, really late.  Certainly not three weeks late.  I did not misplace E.'s birthday card in C.'s clutches, and he did not hide it from me...and proceed to tear it apart.  I did not have to make her a new one, and send it out three weeks late.  And since her brother's birthday was that same week, I did not purposely hold onto his card - for another two weeks just so the two would not arrive together.  I am the greatest aunt in the world!  I always put my niece and nephews at the forefront of my mind, and would never put their birthday cards in the clutches of my toddler- who has proven time and time again that he cannot be trusted with paper products.

Whew.  That's a weight off my back.  Click here to see everyone else's therapy this week.

Have a good one, everyone!


Katrine said...

I have never procrastinated. Ever. Not me!

Rach said...

lol sandy! I totally forgot my brother's birthday...which was last saturday. I put a card in the mail yesterday...but still haven't called him. I'm a terrible sister.

btw, I LOVE the new layout!! Maybe it's old because I haven't been checking blogs on a regular basis...but love it!

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