Friday, August 8, 2014

Just some observations #hashtagedition

  1. A. has a crazy skinned knee that keeps getting banged up every time he turns around.  #chicksdigscars  (right?????)
  2. C. has taken up skateboarding.  He's really enjoying it, and really getting into it.  Then...I step back and remember the skater-dudes from my high school days and want to torch the darn board.  #hopefullyskaterfashionsarentwhattheyusedtobeinthe90s
  3. I went to Menards yesterday.  It's not the same store I worked at when I was in college.  #thankgoodness  And I had good customer service! #nicechangeofpace
  4. Happy Birthday, Liam!  #eightisgreat
  5. Dave and I took a personality test- the Myers-Briggs test. Ever heard of it?  I'm a pretty strong ENFJ and Dave is hard-core ISTP.  #oppositesattract #keepslifeinterestingtosaytheleast
  6. We attended Coast Guard Festival in my hometown last week.  I got to see Gina- which is always something to look forward to and enjoy. #lovethatgirl
  7. There are a few different kinds of people in life.  Those that don't want to do anything (either by lack of generosity or lack of give a sh*t), those that want to do things but never follow through, and those that do. They just don't know the meaning of word "no.". They see a need and fill it.  It doesn't matter if it's in their "job description" or in their wheel-house... they just do it.  Without need for glorification.  #weneedmorepeoplelikethisintheworld
  8. School starts in just over 2 weeks.  #julywashardbutimnotready
  9. I won a gift certificate from our auction for 3 hours of housekeeping time.  We used it 2 weeks ago.  It was lovely.  I enjoyed a blissful quiet afternoon of a clean house, boys at a friend's house and a sleeping baby.  Those 90 minutes were good for my soul.  Now, my house is dirty again (#welivehere), and I'm ok with cleaning it.  I want to show my kids how to take care of things we own, how to be hospitable for guests, and how to not have such an inflated ego that we're completely incapable of doing the yucky tasks for ourselves.  That said, I wouldn't mind having a deep clean done once a year. #wouldntmindatall
  10. C. turns 7 in 6 days.  I am not ok with this.  #timeslowdown

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