Thursday, August 14, 2014


Oh, my dear sweet middle child.

How is it that seven years have passed since the day of your birth?


So much has happened in your little lifetime,

and yet, your life is still just beginning.

You are right in the middle of your childhood,

and you're dedicated to enjoying every minute of it.

You add a level of fun and chaos that no one else does.

You keep us on our toes.

You keep us laughing.

You keep me sighing.

You remind me to be patient.

You love music.

You love to laugh.

You're up for...well, just about...anything.

You are task-oriented, and love to be helpful.

You appreciate small things.

Even something as small as spoons from Mr. Bahr on your summer birthday.

You can find joy anywhere.

Even in a corn box.

or with hats...

ANY hat.  :)

You are giving and thoughful of others.

You attract attention wherever you go.


As the middle child, 

you take your role very seriously.

You are equal parts

pesky-little brother

big brother's fan,

protective loving big-brother, 

and I'll-teach-her-a-thing-or-two big brother.

You love and respect your dad with a fierceness that few other children your age understand.

And you melt my heart.

My sweet boy,

On this, your seventh birthday, I just want to say a few things to you.  (And, you about it for the world to see as well.)  You are such a gift.  Your presence- whether crazy insane, or calm and focused, always carries a warmth with it.  Everyone is a friend, and everyone is included.  You have such a big heart, and you love people with a fierceness that is unparalleled.  You try hard, work hard and play hard.  In everything, you give your all.  I love you for that.  For all of it.

As you continue to grow (side note:  please stop...just for a bit...or slow down the heart breaks a little bit with every birthday...), I pray that you will always know who you are.  I pray that you will always know Who you can turn to, and that God is always with you.  I love how much you love God, and I pray that you will always continue to grow.  I hope that you will always be thoughtful of others and continue to have a generous heart.

My promise to you as you grow, in years past, today - your birthday - and in the future, is that I will always be here for you.  With a warm hug, with a prayer, with a smile...or even a box of tissues.  I promise to pray for you - without ceasing.  I promise to keep teaching you about God and His unending love for you.  

I promise to be your biggest fan.  

Today is your seventh birthday.  Seven years ago (right around this very minute) we first laid eyes on each other.  My heart leaped.  I was instantly in love. 

 I'm so grateful that I get a front row seat to your life, C.  

I know God has special plans for you.

With all my heart,


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mrsmarkdave said...

How precious.
I can't decide if my favorite picture is the one of you and him (you're wearing the white shirt) or the last one of him. Maybe both of them are.