Friday, July 25, 2014

Phoning it in- May- July edition (with bold and on the edge here)

Ok, ok ok...
I need to catch you up on the randomness of that which is my life.
So- baseball league for A.
I parked where I did- because there was room for about 1.5 cars when I pulled up.
I thought "hey!!!  this time I won't get parked in!!!"
Yeah...some moron decided that was a good parking spot.
(my PARKED IN van is the one with the door open)

ambidextrous baby girl.
Waiting for the doctor to come in for well-child check up.
And then shots.
I hate shots.

This is what happens when this crazy toddler of mine finds the marker stash.
I should always know to double check when I hear her say
"colour papah"

Oh, Kate.
MOPS Steering Team retreat.
I sat next to her during this session
and had the pleasure of witnessing her snack.
Mind you, all three items were served in separate bowls.
I can tell you that I reached over with my (clean) hands and mixed it all up.
More than once.

Hottie boy Dave
Stylin' the sun hat.

What happens when your fridge doesn't fit the graduation cupcakes?
You put them in your bathtub on top of ice.
My friend, Leah, is a resourceful one.

Baby L. loved Leah's hair toys.
There were tears when we left.

When you leave behind a sun hat at said friend, Leah's, house..
...the middle child finds you in the nursery at church to return it.
God Bless those special middle children. 

New deck.
New screen awning(the perfect size for our deck!)
One week.
Big winds.
Big storm.
Bad awning.

Cleaning out the boys' backpacks from last school year.
This pencil was less than 2"
This is also where I tell you that there were 5 unsharpened pencils at the bottom of the bag.

Baby L. was eating some Keebler cookies at grandma's house.
You know- the ones with the cookie and caramel with coconut and chocolate over top?
I asked her for a bite
(even though I can't due to gluten content)
because I wanted to see if she had a generous personality.
With a BIG smile on her face and a
"Heeer ou doe, mama!"
This is what she gives me
Yeah...a giver, that one.

Again...with the middle child.
Reminds me of a movie line
"You're not cool if you don't pee your pants!!!"
The middle child is always...always cool.

Celebrating Father's Day with a little Spoonlickers.

(Big brother not pictured- he was camping with grandma and poppa)

Baby L's hair is *just* long enough in the back to curl up under her fedora.
too cute.

Look what I found at Wal-Mart.
A bit of nostalgia!
And fourth of July dessert goodness.

Came home from swimming.
Warm towel.
Kitchen floor.

Throw back.
Fourth of July last year.
Oh my heart!

July 5th barbeque at the Bethesda home.
My kiddos were awfully quiet,
so I went to search for them.
Found them sitting quietly on the swing.
Chatting the afternoon away.

Hi mama.

Library fun

We've been outside a bit this summer...
can you tell???

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