Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top ten: things I learned while coordinating an auction

1.  Many hands make light work.  I've heard it before... and I've seen it in action. But this was the epitome of NEEDING many hands.  We could have used another dozen (or so) hands, BUT the hands that did show up came ready to work, call, program, design, etc. I loved my team.

2.  There is no limit to the patience my husband holds.  The late nights, the meetings, the running of errands, the messy, messy house.  Have I mentioned the messy house???

3.  I do not multi-task well.  I used to, but this is a skill obviously lost with age.  Or child birth.  I'm going to go with the latter- simply because it makes me feel young(er). Anyway... one thing at a time. Focus, finish and move on.  That is all.

4. We have enough pairs of underwear and socks to not do laundry for 2 weeks. Although, by day 10, the outfits start getting pretty inventive.

5.  I have a pretty amazing network of prayer warriors and friends.  People. Who aren't afraid to text, email and stop me for a hug letting me know they're praying for me and our group.  Including my husband (see also #2) who sent me a sweet (and lengthy- which doesn't usually happen with his calloused fingers) text that filled the brims of my eyes.  Ones that will commit to pray, watch my kids, and even show up at the auction in support.  Love them!

6.  Coordinating an auction is about as stressful (and fun) as coordinating a wedding.  Minus the whole major-life-change to follow it.  Or the anticipation of the wedding night.

7.  I can log 16,076 steps on my ifit pedometer and still walk on my flat feet.  Even though it hurts...I *can* move.

8.  Being grateful is much easier than being spiteful.  I struggled at times thinking "why aren't they coming or why aren't they donating???". But, reminding myself to be thankful for the people that WERE there and having fun with those in attendance helped me stay positive.  Their absence was not a reflection of me, and it was nice to be reminded of that.

9. You learn a LOT from business owners' reactions when you come to them for donations.  When you have nothing tangible to offer in return.  A lot.  Some- with a gladly giving heart- pull out a donation and send you with arms full.  Others make you jump through hoops (to make sure you're legit), but will send a donation.  Others?  They ignore you, insult you, or demand compensation.  Again, remembering that it's not a reflection of me was helpful.

10.  God is God and God is good.  Giving this auction to God constantly helped soothe my worries.  We set our goal pretty high, and we managed to get within a stone's throw of it!  Even if we only made $5, we would still have been grateful.

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trooppetrie said...

I need to read back to see what the auction is for. I hate asking anyone for anything. fundraising has always been my down fall. I will make you a million cookies or donate or buy anything but PLEASE do not ask me to fundraise