Sunday, April 27, 2014

Have you ever....

Have you ever...

....had a meal planned (and started on) only to realize you were out of an item, so you switch gears and start to make something else... only to realize you were out of 2 items for that particular dish?  And then just start dumping random items from the pantry on the family plates?  Including random Halloween noodles?

.... thought you remembered someone's name... so you call them that name for an HOUR with great I-am-a-fantastic-name-rememberer confidence only to have someone tell you later that their name was Jane.  NOT Beth.  Definitely not Beth.

.... worn the same outfit two days in a row (changing undergarments, of course) simply to escape another day of laundry?

.... driven out of your way (like 8 miles out of your way) to go to a coffee house with a drive thru window- as opposed to just parking the car and lugging the toddler inside?

... gone so many days between full showers that you cannot remember the last time you washed your hair?

....ever unexpectantly encountered someone in the store and had an immediate yucky feeling- realizing that you have been harboring a grudge for the last 14 years?

.... begged your mom to record the Little Couple on her DVR because you're too cheap to pay for the next tier up on cable? 

..... considered cancelling the cable all together? 

.... ran the (already clean) dishwasher again- just so you don't have to empty it before the husband gets home?

.... neglected everything in the house just to finish the book you started?

..... passed gas and blamed it on the kids?

....  make grandiose plans for a breaking-in-the-new-deck party on a deck that hasn't been built yet?

..... seriously wondered if something that you believed in was letting you down?

.... let go of your fitness routine for so long that you DREAD getting back on the horse?

.... sold a board game at a consignment sale - only because it's the most boring game in the world and you're sick of picking up all the pieces?

.... dropped the ball so badly on planning summer activities for your kids that their first choices are full?

....lost your son's baseball socks?  Both pairs?

.... bring your middle child late to his soccer game?

....put your toddler on a leash?

....had a dream about your husband and took most of the next day trying not to be mad at him... for what he did.....IN YOUR DREAM?/

                                                                                                            Um... yeah, me neither.

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Anonymous said...

Yes to so many of these... which is why we are friends!