Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Ten: oh the randomness!

1.  Baby L. sleeps through the night about 10% of the time.  I'm starting to find this annoying, but enjoy the quiet snuggles.  This too shall pass, right?  RIGHT!?!?!?

2.  On a related note, I believe that Baby L. may be intolerant to something...in her diet.  Every few nights she's awake most of the night SCREAMING in tummy pain, lots of gas, and some nasty diapers.  Gas drops work short term....but we're going to need to start a food diary and do some investigating.  While I was pregnant with her, she had no dairy or gluten in the womb...which could be a reason she's intolerant to the regular formula, but I'm not sure if it's dairy in her food that's causing it....things that make you go hmmmmm.

3.  Is there anything more infuriating or confusing than following someone who rides their brakes?  Are they stopping?  Are they slowing down?  For the love that is all good and holy, there is NO ONE in front of them!!!  Squirrel?  WHY ARE YOU BRAKING?!?!?!?

4.  On Saturday, the boys and I cleaned the house.  It was blissful; we all worked as a team.  The boys were so eager to please and work together.  I actually overheard them: A: "I'll vacuum and sweep the front porch."  C: "That sounds good!  I'll sweep first and then pick up the dog poop out front."  Oh the happiness!  So, I took them to a farm and got them an apple cider slushie and a donut to say "thank you."  We got home and mayhem broke out.  Crabbiness, fighting, bickering, disobedience.  Seriously, boys?!?!?  Sugar sucks.

5.  My once (for a nano second) clean mud room is now full of mud.  It was cleaned on Saturday...and then I blinked....there is even new mud on my mudroom CEILING.  How these things happen, I have no idea.

Wait....I do have an idea:  I live with two little boys.

6.  I'm reading.  A lot.  Got any good book recommendations?  I'm open!

7.  This "not working" thing is really soothing.  Once the boys are off to school, I feel like I can finally breathe (not because they're gone, but because I don't have a schedule to keep).  I'm getting things done around the house - when Baby L. cooperates.  And when she doesn't....well, I'm not in fear of getting yelled at if my schedule goes off.  I do NOT miss that stress.  At all.  What a gift!

8.  We live in a neighborhood that is mostly older people. There's one family up the way a bit...but they're weird...so I don't count them.  In conversations with a few of our neighbors, it seems like a few houses are going up for sale soon.  We're PRAYING that younger families (normal ones at that) will move in.  Perhaps the neighborhood is turning over after all!

9.  I love hand-me-downs.

10.    I've started planning Baby L's birthday party.  This both breaks my heart and excites me at the same time.  I'm so excited to watch her grow...but these moments with her as a baby are so fleeting. 


MSDeyle said...

Baby L is so adorable.

What are you reading? What genre are you drawn to? I read a ton but everyone's preferences are so different and I bounce between genres like crazy.

I just read "Enders Game" by Orson Scott Card and "The Glass Castle" By Jeannette Walls (I think). They were both AWESOME. But I'm always looking for ideas too...

Anonymous said...

I mean technically you live with three boys and the biggest one could be causing some of the mess :) Just sayin'... :) Wouldn't it be fun to "blame" him for some of the mess?