Monday, September 23, 2013

Good things come in dozens.




Dave and Me.

Any guess what they have in common?

We occur in dozens.
Yesterday we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.
One dozen years of wedded bliss fun.
Twelve years ago:
 Wow, we looked like babies!!!
And recently:

Here's a few of my favorite moments from the past 12 years:
  1. Our first pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.  Holy cow, that sucked at the time...and started a VERY dark year for me...but I did learn a lot.  Independent by nature, I learned that I could lean on Dave and trust him to stand by me - even when darkness spewed out of my mouth more times than I want to admit.  But, God can (and DOES) use all things for His glory, right?  Well...I can tell you now that He does.
  2. Being debt free!  I worked through Dave Ramsey's baby steps before our marriage, so when we joined forces, we only had a mortgage.  Which we paid off in the first 14 months of our marriage.  It has been so freeing and a HUGE blessing ever since.  It's amazing to note the blessings we have from being obedient in this corner of life.  Our priorities are different, and we don't fight about money.  We just don't.  We talk about spending habits, and talk over major purchases...but we just don't fight.  It also enabled D to start his own business over a decade ago....if we had tons of debt, it would have been extra scary.
  3. D. started his own business.  Saw a little foreshadowing in #2, didn't ya???  I knew when we were dating that this was something he wanted to do...someday.  He was smart about it, though.  He built up a customer base and purchased tools with cash as it rolled in.  He worked nights and weekends while he still maintained a full time designer about motivated.  I can't imagine him working for anyone but himself now...he's so motivated and has a lot of integrity.  I love that he's professionally fulfilled....even though he still works nights and weekends. (Just goes with being self-employed).
  4. The fights.  They're few and far between, but fighting leads to communication (when fought fairly) which leads to making up.  Need I say more???
  5. A's arrival.  A cold December night.  Fourteen inch head.  Hard back labor...marginal epidural...he was there the whole time.  Our first son.  He was so proud.  And the way he sat straight up in the car driving us home....priceless.  Fatherhood becomes him.  I love that my parenting partner is fantastic.
  6. Moving to the Love Shack.  This has been a very LONG endeavor.  What he said would be done "in two years" has now moved into 8 years, 4 months and 16 days (but who's counting?!?!?).  Here's the thing, though...we're being wise with our money...we're taking it slow....we're ok with where we're at.  After all, when all is said and done, we'll have a 5 bedroom house on 1/2 acre of land in a great geographic area....all paid for.  And built to last.  How many 40 year olds can say that?!?!  (Yes, I'm saying it will probably be another 3 years before we complete this house....)
  7. C.  We always said he acted like a "middle child" from birth, but thought we were done. (Ha!)  C is definitely a mama's boy through and through.  I love love love it.  But...there's something I've learned about having an asthmatic child turning blue in the middle of the night - D and I are a team.  When I freak out...he's calm as a cucumber.  When he starts to fright, I get all zen and level-headed.  We even each other out well.
  8. The L-B's.  Yep...this has a line item all it's own.  When I met Dave, I was at my thinnest I had ever been.  As a matter of fact, a few days before I met Dave, a routine Dr. appointment had turned into concern about how thin I was (which was totally false, by the way).  Having lost over 100 lb's after high school graduation, I was very concerned with gaining any weight back.  Now...we're 12 years later...and of course, I've gained a lot of weight again.  He's lost about 40 pounds since we married...and I've gained  xx (holy crap, I'm all for disclosure, but I'm not gonna tell you how much I've gained....).  And he still loves me, and still finds me attractive.  There's a lot of women out there killing themselves to keep their husbands...but I found me a man of integrity.  Love him so for that.
  9. Baby L. Wow...that was quite a ride.  We thought we were done having biological kids (leaving the door open for possible adoption or foster care later in life)...we thought that door had closed.  God laughed at us.  I still wonder "how the heck did all this happen?  We have a third child!!!"  She's oh-so sweet and a wonderful completion to our family circle.  I'm forever grateful that God knows what He's doing.  And watching my husband with his daughter is so tender - at times it makes me want to tear up.
  10. Directional vision.  These past few months have given us a new passion for our family ministry.  While Dave has always had a passion for his faith and has acted as our family cornerstone (which I TOTALLY respect him for!), our new pastor has preached in a way that Dave understands and runs with.  Dave has researched so many additional topics and asked me to read books with him so we can talk about Scripture and how it applies.  He asks tough questions, and stands firm in his convictions.  He firmly stands by the need for Christian education while our kids are young, and has made that our family ministry.  Talking with Dave, praying with Dave, studying scripture with Dave....when both of our eyes are on Him, we get closer than ever imagined.
One dozen years.
Makes me wonder what will happen in the next dozen.
But I'm totally content to be grateful for right now.

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