Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday everything

I'm beginning to wonder if Blogger is using a different form of Windows or whatever.  I cannot format anything.  No links.  No formatting, no pictures, nada.  All you get is words.  Boring words.

I have many things to write about.  Many ideas swirling in my head.  Many in my "ideas book."  But, I'm to the point that there's so many...I am not sure where to start.  So, here I sit with another random list.

I have started working on the boys' Halloween costumes.  I'm pretty excited about it, but I have a feeling that they won't be as original as I intended.  This will probably be a fad this year.  But I'm ok with that.

I bought a computer on craigslist yesterday.  He listed it for $50.  I called.  He said he's actually only going to ask $35 for it - since it was 3 years old, and he hadn't used it for 6 months.  And Dave would have to clean it up.  Um...ok.  I offered him $25.  He accepted.  :)  I had to drive to the opposite side of town to get it...in that 32 minutes, he had no less than SIXTEEN people call and offer him full price for it.  Thankfully, this kid was a young man of integrity and kept our deal.  I'm kind of excited about it.  I priced them out on Amazon when we got home....looks like I got a steal.  Happy mama!

I've had a few interesting conversations with people lately...conversations that constantly remind me that you never know what is happening behind the scenes of one's life.  People are hurting...people are struggling for mere survival...and no one knows.  I think God puts these confidences in my life to keep my judging eye closed.  He likes to remind me that this is not my sword to swing...I need to keep being reminded.

I'm in a crafty mood.  Craft, craft craft!  I need some creativity! 

Michelle introduced me to these garlic marinated olives.  They SHOCKED my taste buds at first (seriously...I had to spit it out a minute...and then revisit them again later).  But now I am a total addict.  They are strong and they are amazing.

I am one of those people who watch movies and take the lines and quote them in daily life.  The people that get it are instant friends.  I don't find them often...but when I do - smiles abound.

We went grocery shopping this morning (Baby L and me).  There was a sign that said, "All clearance an EXTRA 50% off today! exclusion: toys and outdoor furniture".  So, I went about my business checking the clearance end caps...I found some great items on clearance!  When I got up to the check out, NONE of them were ringing up as 50% off...but the cashier believed me and adjusted every single price (there were more than a few...).  On the way out, I was tempted to go double check that sign...but IF I was wrong, I didn't want to be plagued with guilt.  So, I just left.  Ignorance is bliss, right?!?!?

Ok, Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Anonymous said...

While I don't generally adhere to ignorance is bliss, in this case I whole-heartedly agree! (and would have done the same thing)
A month ago I got a rug on clearance and decided to return it which is when I noticed they charged me for it twice. They took it back and refunded me both for the rug I had and the second, non-existent rug. Go Meijer.