Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Baby Daddy

It's become a tradition to do this post every Father's Day.

To have a post dedicated to the father of my children.

For me to unabashedly brag about everything he does, who he is, and just take delight in it.

So...without further adieu, My Baby Daddy:

  • has the BEST belly laugh
  • is frugal and appropriate with our finances (not to be confused with cheap, because he's not)
  • gives freely of his time- even when he doesn't have any extra to give...he still gives
  • has a teachable heart

My love, and my son

  • is unassuming
  • visibly melted when he found out we were having a baby girl
  • can read people fairly quickly
  • wisely discerns about who to spend his spare time with
  • loves to read bout theology and sit and talk about it with me at night


  • hooks up my computer stuff for me so I don't have to deal with cords and technology
  • believes in Christian education
  • can make a mean campfire
  • teaches the boys about safety every chance he gets


  • prays for us.  Everyday.
  • talks to me before making any large(ish) purchases
  • thanks me for spending time making home-cooked meals

  • enjoys a simplified life, and would make it more simple (if we would let him)
  • remembers to water the garden when I forget (frequently)

  • tells his daughter that she's beautiful


  • encourages me to be a better me
  • is full of entrepreneual spirit and started his own business (10 years now!!!)

  • doesn't do anything to impress anybody
  • is comfortable being himself

  • dances with Baby L. when she's all dressed up


  • has the ability to self-differentiate in hard situations
  • thinks logically

  • researches both sides of every situation

  • is a staunch conservative bordering on libertarianism
  • is ridiculously intelligent (see previous four statements)

  • has a fantastic relationship with his parents
  • makes funny faces that make me grin


  • has the ability to meet the boys where they're at
  • drove the boys to school every day for 5 months after Baby L. was born- without complaint

  • talked about character-building lessons on the ride to school

  • cheers for the Chicago Bears ( one is perfect....)
  • is a fan of Michigan football and Detroit Tigers ( redeeming himself with those)

  • would rather have a quiet picnic with me than a huge boy's night out


  • helps me clean the house without complaint
  • encourages me to be the best Mom I can be
  • forgives me when I'm not


  • works his fingers to the bone (yes, literally- ask him to show you his finger tip) to provide for us
  • intentionally does not drink alcohol
  • is debt free- still
  • is wise, but still in constant pursuit of knowledge
  • is a great leader of this family


  • is our spiritual cornerstone
  • prefers salty over sweets

  • is the yin to my yang
  • loves cuddly babies


  • is amazingly good looking
  • has a coffee cup that I have dubbed "the pacifier"
  • never complains when I give him a questionable hair cut
  • is humble


  • works 12-14 hour days and still makes it to 95% of the boys' baseball and soccer practices
  • looks even better with scruff
  • gets along GREAT with my family (actually, a little too well)
  • has a servant's heart
  • loves a good photo bomb

  • is worthy of my love
  • is worthy of my admiration
  • is worthy of my respect
  • has my heart.


1 comment:

mrsmarkdave said...

I love it, Sandy. You are...a treasure of a wife. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart and say it with tears in my eyes.
You are an example to me of how to love, honor, and cherish my husband and how to be an honorable wife. Thank you for sharing.