Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LIMP, Limp, limp....l....i...m....p

I am looking forward to the fresh breath summer will give me.

1. I won't need to get moving right away in the morning to drive the kids to school.

1a.  I won't need to get dressed before noon.  (wait...who am I kidding?  half the time I'm driving the am route in my jammies.)

d. No homework.

8. No waking baby L up to go pick up the boys in the afternoon

b.  No more packing lunches

12.  No more CRAZY schedules!


This is a picture of me and my kiddos on Mother's Day.

Dave did me well by foregoing the hanging basket this year.  Birdfeeder and Spoonlickers (my first time ever!) were on the agenda.  It was blissful. I'm a lucky mama.

Even better!  Mother's Day afternoon, guess who FINALLY learned how to tie his own shoes?!?!? 


This is where I've been spending most of my time this spring.  Sitting diamond-side.

A. is playing in a new league this year.  He's actually doing very well, and when his team gels, well....they gel good.  We were the home team during this particular game.


See this girl?

I love her so.


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Anonymous said...

oh my lanta... I think I'm barely crawling to the finish line! It's a good thing I have nothing to do in the next month!
Baby L is the cute and I love the pic of you and the kids on mother's day!