Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday People Psychology Edition

- I love our new small group.  The people in it are awesome, and the boys are adjusting very very well.  We're looking for one more couple to fit into this neat little mold we've got going.  Any takers? 

- I'm seeking some leaders for our MOPS group next year.  I never cease to be surprised by the variation in reactions when someone is asked to lead something.  Everyone's different.  Everyone is at a different stage in life.  Yet, I still find myself surprised by the polarized reactions.

- It's interesting how each group has a different dynamic.  Some are good balances.  Some have too many chiefs.  Some, too many indians.

- Change makes Lutherans break out in hives.  It's rather funny (sometimes).

- Trust.  It's something newborns are born with - they HAVE to trust someone to maintain their life.  But...somewhere along the way, we loose trust.  In others, in ourselves and in God.  Funny- the first two would logically be the first to be lost.  But I think the latter is the one we loose so quickly and are last to look toward.  I constantly need to remind myself to trust Him.  Sandy, God's got this.

And, with that, my sweet 6 month old is up from her nap.  I'm off to fill some empty cupboards.  :)

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