Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Current Top ten

I'm kind of at a loss lately.  Too much going on at the same time, not a lot.  But, I'm contractionally obligated to post at least once a week.  And while I have a few seconds of multi-tasking prowess, I'll take advantage and post my top ten:

I am currently:

1.  Working.  Or supposed to be working.  Parents are here watching Baby L.  I'm actually on the phone as I type while this dude tries to figure out his own accounting methods. 

2.  Doing laundry.  Why yes, my 5 year old was sleeping so soundly, he pee'd in our bed this morning.  That's fabulous, don't you think?!?!?  Fortunately, it was on Dave's side.

3.  Drinking water.  I've been slacking on that the past few weeks.  Working on getting my intake back up.  Summer is coming.  I will be hydrated.

4.  Freezing.  The air conditioning is on.  Baby L. does NOT like heat.  She gets HORRIBLY cranky.  I'm in a cold basement anyway....but with the a/c it's FRIGID.

5.  Blogging.  Well, duh.

6.  Texting.  With three different people.  About this weekend's plans.  Praying I don't get the text recepients mixed up...that could be embarassing.  One of them is my man.  ;)

7.  Emailing with my boss.  More on that later. 

8.  Washing dishes.  Oh, the magic of the dishwasher.  Modern technology at its best.  If only it grew arms and put all the clean dishes away for me.

9.  Planning out our evening.  From the boys coming home from school to baseball practice, homework, dinner, cleaning the house, work, Dave's estimates...etc etc. etc.  Sometimes I'm amazed that we all end up in our respective beds at night.

10.  Formulating a shopping list.  Because I went to the store this morning without said list, and forgot more than half of it.  Sigh.

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