Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Family tradition

We're making a family tradition to get to the zoo with all the cousins toward the end of summer.

Perhaps like a final hurrah? 

I'm not sure, but it is fun.

It's always fun.

This year, there were six cousins getting together.

The boys with John Ball statue: 

My nephew can jump!!

We pet stingrays and sharks:

C. loved the stingrays!

A rare shot of my nephew (not hiding from the camera):

The latest addition to the cousin clan, Emma. :)

Budgie feeding:
(pretty smile from my niece, I'm not sure what my nephew is doing here)

This is C's new posed smile (kinda funny):

And we ended the day with the whole group:

(apparently my nephew- far right- wasn't feeling the love)

Hooray for cousins!

To see how the cousins have grown from last year, click here

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