Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Zoo

There's a lot of different memberships in this area. Children's Museum, a botanical garden, and the zoo. There's others too- neighborhood associations, country clubs, fitness centers....yeah, we don't go to those. But, we decided that we would spring for one of the former mentioned ones. We figured, in the long run they would save us tons of money and always give us an outlet to do things on idle days.

So, we chose the zoo. We also chose the +1 membership which allows our family and one adult (plus unlimited children) to accompany us. Our local zoo is free. There's a larger zoo within an hour that gives a discount. This also gets us into some zoos across the country. Some friends of ours went on a "zoocation" this year. We may have to follow suit next year- it was a great idea!

Anyway, we started the "zoo season" by heading to Potter Park Zoo in Lansing with some friends. It was a cute little zoo (complete with baby camel!). The lion and tiger cages were nice. The aquarium left a little to be desired. All in all, the kids (and the moms) had a great time.

By the way, The List: #xx . Visit a zoo we've never been to before.

Then, we decided to share the wealth by inviting some friends to play at our local zoo with us for free.

Dave's cousin Sarah and her daughter Chloe (her mom came with us too)

Of course, every time we go, I get a picture of the brothers on the wooden train. :)

Then, we had a cousin day for the boys. My two sisters-in-law with their kids and my mother-in-law all had a day with each other at the zoo. The cousins play together so well- I was totally excited to get a picture of all 5 Hop cousins this day!
Then, our last hoorah of summer- we went to the zoo while Adam was in school. Colin and I met some friends from my small group bible study there- and even met a new friend in the meantime! The boys were all really close in age- it was fun to see them interact. Here's the three of them looking at the llamas. Colin is in the middle.

By the way: # xx. Invite three friends to the zoo.

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