Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Friday List

1.  A. was at vbs this week.

2.  Am I a bad mom if I think it was a nice break?

3.  I consulted a chiropractor this week about some tightness in my neck.

4.  He said words like "misalignment, subluxation, nerve damage and xray."

5.  While I don't doubt that I have "issues" I think what he really wants is a lot of money.

6.  I don't have anymore to give.

7.  I had the worst PMS last week.

8.  I even annoyed myself.

9.  Shopping for carpeting and vinyl is giving me a headache.

10.  I think I'm allergic to sale-sy salesmen.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Cute blog! Found you at New Friend Friday. Love all the lists! I'll come back and read more. I see that there is some major construction going on but I didn't read enough to see what it was. I'll try to catch up later today!

I have a dieting blog and a recipe blog if you are interested. The recipe blog I update with new recipes several times a week. The dieting blog is basically my personal rambling about trying to lose weight mixed in with some inspiration every once in awhile. Thanks!

Embracing Destiny said...

Stopping by from Friday Blog Hop. Following you now! ;0)

Nicki Woo said...

Love your list. My week was just as exciting! following you now, love your blog.

Born 2 Be Mom said...

Stopping by from Fun Follow Friday! I'm allergic to sales-y salesmen too. I once had a car sales guy try and sell me a vehicle by telling me it was red and matched my coat. No deal! Feel free to stop by and visit my blog any time :) I love new followers!


Sunny Day said...

Hopped over from Blog Frog via Saturday support. PMS so bad you annoyed yourself!! Girl, its a wonder you could even blog. Its been so long since I had that problem that I really don't remember it (big smile), but there have been times when I have been in such a mood that even I noticed it, so I can relate. this too shall pass, I hope.

Mommy2Four said...

LOL...... I love it.... PMS so bad you annoy yourself!

That was me yesterday.... 100%

Here's to a wonderful, blessed Monday!