Thursday, October 10, 2013


All righty then....

I am typing this post on my brand new Microsoft Surface RT.  Oh my word, I love it.

I am attending my first ever book club meeting tonight.  I actually finished the book a while ago.  I make no assumptions that I will be finishing all the books on time going forward.  But this one, I did.  Makes me happy.  And also, there's a lot of people going to this book club tonight.  I'm thinking it will be a wee bit crowded.  But I'm thinking I may meet a new friend or two, so it's all good.

Everything's all good, right?  It's a matter of perspective.  Right?

I went to WalMart yesterday to pick up some bandanas for a project for the boys.  I was looking for some specific ones, and WalMart had them.  While I was there, I picked up a few things.  Our particular WalMart is under a CRAZY renovation (which is good, because it's gross and even though I love to save a buck or two, I still avoided that store). Anyway, it took me a while to get through a checkout.  When I got home and went to unpack my bags, I realized that I was missing a few.  Seriously?!?!?!?!?  Yep...they were there... grrrrr.

My MOPS group is having a consignment sale this weekend also.  I spent the past few nights cleaning, pricing and tagging.  It's my least favorite thing to do, but we are officially minus A LOT of baby gear.  And hopefully soon, I'll be plus a few bucks.

It pays to have a few medical schools in our area.  The physical therapy at my Alma Mater "hires" babies to come in so the Physical Therapy students can observe their muscles and development.  This weekend, Baby L is on the hired list.  Getting paid to play? Works for me.

Speaking of Baby L...she will be ONE year old in less than 3 weeks.  She's almost walking...but not quite.  She's full of personality.  She knows how to open Ally's cage and enjoys climbing inside.  She LOVES her brothers and asks for them while they're in school.  Oh....and she's cute as a button.

Is it fair that I should have to make dinner if I'm heading out for the evening?  Fair or not...I'm doing it.

We are officially in the season for pumpkin flavored everything.

Thank you to everyone in person, telephone, text, Facebook and blog for wishing me a Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

I think we had a perfect crowd for book club (though I was wondering how it would go) but we made it through all the questions and had good conversation! Happy birthday again! Can't say it enough!