Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: phoning it in

I realized that I haven't done a phone photo dump in a while...and looking through them, there's some good ones here.  So, without further adieu:

1.  Family night at the baseball game.  Is there anything hotter than a daddy and his little girl???  Oh, my heart!  Love this pic.

2.  Flashback alert: itty bitty baby snug as a bug in her car seat cocoon. 
This makes my ovaries hurt.

3.  I took this pic and sent it to Dave.  He is a contractor, and this is how he "wears" his pencil and hat.  I had to laugh when I saw the boys drawing at the table, and C. grabbed a hat in order to have a place "to put the pencil."

4.  Another flash back alert:  Itty bitty Ally.
I forgot how baby-like she looked when we first got her!

5.  Apparently, I'm nostalgic today.  This picture resides on the side of my refrigerator.  This outfit was given as a hand-me-down to our nephew.  She sent me a pic of him wearing it on Saturday thanking me for the outfit.  (Go Blue!).  I sent this pic to her letting her know that the outfit (and the boys wearing it) are so dear to our hearts.

6.  And here is the same sweet boy.
All grown up.

7.  Another flashback.
Pregnant women everywhere are shuddering.

8.  Had to go to the Secretary of State a few weeks ago to register the new van.
When we sat down, they called number 36.
We were in for a long morning.
On the plus side, Baby L. got her multi-cultural lesson in Koreans that day.
So, there's that.

9.  C. received a Detroit Tigers gift pack for his birthday.
Complete with temporary tattoos.
Which he kindly shared with anyone that was sporting bare skin.
And, of course, he applies Dave's tattoo upside down. :)

10.  I took the boys to Culvers for their free custard as our last hoorah of the summer.
This has got to be my favorite brother picture.

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