Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Ten...quickly before it becomes Wednesday.

1.  I ate gluten on Saturday.  I knew I was eating gluten, and I ate it anyway.  We were at a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses, and I started to feel a bit "off."  Then I realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast, and ate very little for dinner the night before.  My blood sugar was probably in the toilet...so I grabbed a sandwich stat.  Within 15 minutes, I felt better, but I knew I'd pay for it later.  Yep, I did.  Four years into being gf....never going back.

2.  Baby L. has been on a newborn sleeping schedule lately.  It sucks.  I don't even have the whole I-just-had-a-baby adrenaline rush to go with it.  So, I'm old and dealing with an awful sleeping pattern.  I'm old and tired.  And at times cranky.

3.  My boys start school a week from today.  I have many, many mixed emotions about that.  Many.

4.  There are bags under my eyes.  As a matter of fact, my bags have bags.

5.  I went to my friend, Michelle's, house tonight to a party.  I attended in yoga pants, a spitty squash t-shirt and still-wet hair from my morning shower up in a clip.  My sweet friend rewarded me by making me some gf latte cheesecake. (recipe forthcoming, I promise).

6.  Dear friends that I'm neglecting, THANK YOU for reaching out to me and texting me and holding our friendships through this crazy busy season in my life.  I promise I'll return to the land-of-the-living soon(er or later).

7.    Dear friends on facebook:  NO. NEVER duckface.  NEVER.  Stop.  Not sexy, not cool.  NEVER duckface.  STOP NOW.

8.  I've hurt my neck/upper back/ shoulders.  Baby L. goes one way, I go another to stay balanced.  I carry her often.  I also carry a 5 lb. car seat, 11 lb. purse and a 9 lb diaper bag.  Plus, there's the stress.  Yes, there's stress.  That is the tri-fecta of back issues.  I need a good massage.  :)

9.  We just turned over 222,222 miles on our van. Yep...you read that right.  I posted the picture on facebook- cause I'm a bit of a nerd.  Will we make it to 333,333?  Probably not...but here's hoping!

10.  I think my husband is pretty awesome.  That is all.

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Anonymous said...

you deserve all the gf latte cheesecake in the world!