Friday, August 16, 2013

I take full responsibility

1.  My house is a pit.  I take full responsiblity.  We've been busy marking things off our Summer Bucket List.  We're having fun.  We're neglecting our housework.  And today...the only day for two weeks we have nothing planned...the house is getting worked on.  Hopefully Dave will appreciate our effort tonight when he gets home.  (Read:  Baby L. doesn't nap well during the day.  This means I've chosen to clean the house over cleaning myself.  The choice was mine: shower or clean.  Today I chose to clean.  Perhaps he'll notice the shiny house over his sweaty pajama-clad wife when he gets home.)

2.  I've done approximately 16 loads of laundry today.  I have one load left.  Then, every article of cloth in this house will have been stain-sticked, washed, dried, folded, and put away.  I take full responsibility for the dire condition of our laundry.  We've been having fun and I don't care if we look like ragamuffins.  :)

3.  My FAVORITE outfit of Baby L's is ruined.  It was a sweet little white skirt with a green t-shirt that had daisies in the shape of a heart on it.  We went to the beach yesterday, and in an effort to keep her out of the water, I chose not to put her swimming suit on her.  Well....she ended up in the water, and she ended up army crawling through the mud.  Due to a diaper blow out, her back-up outfit was no longer an option, so we decided to forego our errand running and hurried home with a naked baby.  I've washed and bleached the heck out of that skirt.  I just can't get it clean.  It's dingy-looking.  I was planning to take her pictures in that sweet outfit before she out-grew it.  I take full responsibility, though...I should have known that my best laid plans don't pan out and I should have put her in a swimming suit.  Anyone have any laundry magic they can impart on me?

4.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on my children's character.  They have turned into little couch potatoes.  I take full responsiblity.  I've used the TV as a babysitter for too long while I worked.  Now...we're working on changing that atmosphere and old habits die hard.  Very hard.  We're about to go PMD-unplugged.

5.  My back is killing me.  I take full responsiblity.  I have a baby.  I carry her around a lot.  I do this because she picks up EVERY LITTLE THING on my floor and puts it in her mouth.  Due to the aformentioned state of cleanliness in my house, her army-crawling could possibly be considered a choke hazard.

That's all you get today.  I have some laundry and floors calling my name!

Happy weekend everyone!


Lyndsay said...

Have you tried Shout Advanced? It's in a blue spray bottle. I get it at Target for around $3. It will take out set in oil stains so it might work.

mrsmarkdave said...

Dawn dish soap. I swear by it

trooppetrie said...

I have laundry issues. My daughter washes and dries it but then it sets waiting for me to fold it so it can be put away

Anonymous said...

Soak in Oxy-clean? My favorite white shirt got soaked (and I do mean soaked) with Pico juice. A few days submerged in Oxy-clean (oops, my 24 hour shift turned into a 36) and it looks brand new. Also, there are recipes online for homemade oxy-clean which call for ingredients that you might have on hand. I've also heard that some stains can be removed by setting the garment in the direct sunlight for a day.

Jessica Finley said...

Having out the house activities during summer sure does come with a price. I just hope it didn't take longer than expected to organize everything in your house. I also suggest that you consider experts checking your place for possible mold build-ups that may cause health hazards.

Jessica Finley