Monday, December 12, 2011

The world according to A: Eight is GRRRRREAT!

 Some special little boy is turning eight today.

I still remember the day he was born.

Like it was yesterday.

(Side note:  Does EVERY mom say that about the day her kids were born?)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

...he was worth every minute of that 22 1/2 hour labor.

And just because my ovaries are gluttons for punishment,

here's a blast from the distant-ish past.

(about 3 years ago)

And one from the other day:

I love watching him grow and change into a neat little boy.  His heart is so soft- even though he doesn't want people to know.  (Sounds just like my dad).  He loves routine and schedules (sounds like D).  But doesn't mind messy rooms (sounds like me).

And, just because he's a big boy's eight things about him on his eighth birthday. (narrated by him)

  1. I got 100% on my AR test today.  (accelerated reading)
  2. My favorite college football team is University of Michigan.
  3. My best friend is Nick and Ryan M.
  4. I'm saving my money for Nintendo ds or legos.
  5. We're having crabby patties for dinner tonight.  (translated: hamburgers- thank you, Sponge Bob)
  6. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
  7. My favorite color is green.
  8. My favorite subject in school is math.

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Mama M. said...

Happy Birthday, sweet A!! I hope you had a "terrifical" day (name that movie)...and way to go on the AR test! Do you get points for your AR tests? Our kids get to earn points and then go shopping in the AR that how it works for you too?

And, Happy Birth of Motherhood day, Sandy!