Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Intermittent blogging

While I'm not gonna start my blog post out by saying "oh, gosh...sorry I've neglected you! but I've been busy...."


I HATE blog posts that start like that.  Like you've been sitting at your computer refreshing every minute of every day just to read the drivel I post on here...hoping for an occasional laugh.

Yes, I've been busy...but haven't we all?  It's Christmas time.  We have parties, decorations, more parties, baked goods, cards, shopping, preparations, more parties, more things to addition to the regular livelihood.

  Oh, and a December birthday boy would be HEARTBROKEN if I didn't make an awesome cake for him. 

So, while I do miss the blog, and I miss entertaining myself with my posts (and hopefully you're entertained too), life outside the keyboard is scurrying along at an alarming pace.  So, it's not like I don't appreciate your bloggy friendship during this holiday season...I just need to priortize my time.  I'll be back intermittently...until the season is over...and then we can refresh the blog all the time.

And now.... there is gluten free chex mix baking in my oven at this very moment...permiating every inch of air in this house.  I love that smell!

Nom nom nom


Rebecca Bany said...

I've been blogging from my phone a lot lately!

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

What do you do with the chex mix? Do the kids like it?

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy, busy - that's the theme for always, yet I still talk about it and seem surprised to be busy - why is this?
Love you!