Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bee stings....who knew?

Last Wednesday night, we were all coming into the house after spending some time with D. at the grill.
D had his hands full of hamburgers.

I had my hands full of boys.

I had my sunglasses on top of my head (where they normally reside in the summer)
And something felt funny up there.

I put my hand by my hairline and realize there's a bug.

Then the bug falls to my hand.***



It was a bee.

Naturally, I throw it to the ground and stomp on it for all I'm worth.

This is only the second time I've ever been stung.

I had a reaction the first time I got stung too.

Took forever to heal.

So, it gets red.

It gets hot.

It gets inflamed.

A few days later, it starts to itch.
And itch.and itch.

More heat.
More red.

Memorial Day, I wake up to this:
The swelling is throughout my entire hand. 
The redness goes into my wrist. 
I can barely bend my fingers.

So I posted a facebook status update on how wierd it was that
I'm reacting on MONDAY to a sting on WEDNESDAY prior.

I got the usual "oh no!"'s and "poor lady" which wasn't what I was looking for at all
-since I'm not the first person, nor will I be the last, to be stung by a bee-
I wanted some advice about how to make it all go away.

So, on the advice of my husband, I took some benadryl. 
And of course we don't have any adult stuff in the house-
so I took an adult dose of children's benadryl
(the adult dosing was on the side of the bottle).

I spent the next 5 hours high as a kite.

But at least I was "productive."
I did some spray painting.
Cause, you know we all make great decisions
when we're high.

Then swoops in my Aunt Sue with a comment:
to my rescue.

"Sandy, try putting some antibacterial gel on it.  I got stung last summer and it helped alot."

24 hours later:

Look!  Bendy fingers!

No more swelling.

Only a small red spot surrounding the original sting.

Minimal itching.

Thanks, Aunt Sue!!!

***Looking at the bright side here:  I'm unbelievable grateful that the bee fell to my hand instead of stinging my forehead.  That would have been one crazy scary reaction.***


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Oh, poor thing!
Following you from Frog Blog - saw your post on the community forum "Make New Friends Here!"
I invite you to come visit & follow my blog back :)

Mama4Real said...

OUCH!!!! But was the getting high part worth it? he he he ;)

Rachel said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!

I react terribly to bee stings as well. I have an epipen in case of emergencies.

I hope you continue to heal. And stay AWAY from those bees!!


Thomas and Jamie said...

Well bless your heart my dear! I can't believe that turned out so badly! I've never (knock on wood) been stung before, but seeing everyone else's stings shows me why I don't ever WANT to be stung!!!

On another note - thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!! We are doing REALLY well on DR and will be under 10K in debt (minus student loans and house) in July. We're going on our cruise with my family July 21-26 (which was hard to swallow once we started really making progress on our debt) - but, this has been planned for about 2 years and there are 9 people involved so we didn't want to cancel. I've figured out how to meal plan VERY strategically and our grocery/food bill has been cut in 1/2. We budget down to about $75.00 each month for EXTRA money and we're sticking to it pretty well. Last weekend we had to go to Dallas for a funeral that (obviously) wasn't planned, but, we only had to transfer $50.00 out of savings to float us through until we get paid tomorrow, so we were pretty proud of ourselves!! Okay - now that I've written a book...just thought I'd let you know!!

And, yes, you would most assuredly be one of my best friends if we lived closer- I can just feel it!