Sunday, May 30, 2010

The best night ever...

 Or this post could be alternately titled:

I {heart} Kathy!...

The date night to beat all date nights...

$8 awesomeness...

Neil Diamond is to my mother as Daughtry is to me.

Any number of those would work.

Tuesday I get an email from my friend, Kathy who asked me if we had plans on Friday, and she had won two tickets to the Daughtry concert, but couldn't go.  Can you believe she gave me first dibs on those free tickets???  Can I tell you how AWESOME it is that she thought of me?!?!  Thanks, Kathy!

And while we had a few options for Friday night that we were considering...Um, yeah...this was the TRUMP CARD!  So, I emailed her back gratefully accepting her offer, and set up a play date with her and her little ladies (double bonus!), and shortly after I had a conversation with Dave that went like this:

(seriously, think of me totally excited and talking very fast)

me:  "hey you have big plans that you want to do Friday night?  Cause if you don't, Kathy has offered me her Daughtry tickets and I've accepted them, and I'm totally excited cause my mom is taking the boys overnight that night anyway.  And she's just GIVING them to us, so we don't have to worry about the budget and the concert starts at 7:30, so you can work a full day and do you want to go with me?  cause if you don't, I know a lot of friends who are fans and I can ask them- Jeanie really likes both groups, I don't know if she has plans...but if you want to come with me, we haven't been to a concert together since Josh Groban and it would be fun to go together, what do you think?  Oh my gosh!  Can you believe it?!?!?!"

dave:  Um...what?

me:  (realizing he can't understand a thing I'm saying, I slowed down...)  Friday, you, me, daughtry, free tickets.  You in?

dave:  yeah, that would be fun.

me:  ok, I need to go freak out.  Love you.

dave:  Love you too, bye.

So, Friday came and the boys left and I was ready to go.  Dave and I saved some moolah (and didn't risk playing russian roulette with my stomach) by eating a picnic leftover dinner in the Love Shack.

We spent $8.00 on parking and had a nice leasurely stroll into the arena.

Cavo opened...not bad...

Lifehouse next...good times...

Then Daughtry... (!!!)

Sometimes Chris' voice would give out, so you know that they weren't lipsyncing...which was totally cool with me.  Just awesome music. 

He even sang "In the air tonight..." by Phil Colins, but only in his rocker style.  Totally awesome.  Dave got into that.  Yep...complete with 1980's laser light show.  :)

Quite an eclectic bunch of people- from kids ( ages 8, 9, 10) to the old fogies that were ushering..and some even there to enjoy the music.  There was a girl sitting right next to me who bathed in pachouli oil (not really the best smell, honey...) and screamed just like me (seriously, Dave kept looking at me every time she screamed)- which made me laugh.  I took may pictures of my people watching- and have a whole other post for you on that one.

So, I brought my camera to take pictures and realized that I also had the capability to take video.

This is my little way of bringing the concert back to Kathy.

Please excuse the quality of the video.  Again, they were taken with my digital camera...which really isn't a video recorder, but it will do.

So, here ya go!
You can see Lifehouse by clicking here..

And more Lifehouse by clicking here...

and even more lifehouse by clicking here...

And Daughtry... (!!!!)

you can see a video here and a longer video here.

And the most awesome encore ever....

The lead singer from lifehouse came out and did a duet with Chris Daughtry...
Even Dave was whooting to that one.

And that last scream...yeah, that was me.  I'm such a dork.  :)

All in all, fantastic night!!!  We had a great time and got to see one of my favorite bands.

Thanks again, Kathy!

BTW- #64- Go on a date with D....done!  Oh YEAH!


Taryn L. McCracken said...

WOW! I'm excited for you just reading it. LOL That's awesome!!

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog It's the Thought that Counts and leaving comments. I love comments. And Yes, I did create the blog myself - I started with just a white background in my photo editing software.

Julie said...

Tell Kathy Thank you for me too. The video is just fine and we got to be part of this great concert. Thank you so much for sharing. I love you are crossing off from your list. I still need to get to thinking about that one. First graduation and all. Take care my dear and have a blessed and wonderful afternoon.

Kathy said...

You are so welcome, thanks for posting the video and letting me live vicariously through you. :) I'm truly glad you and Dave had a great time, no one deserves a fun night out more than you. :)

Holly said...

I do not watch American Idol very much...but Daughtry is one of my faves!