Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandy, step away from the tile aisle. (need more opinions, please!)

Ok, so tile A was the one that won by overwhelming majority.

And it was Dave's favorite.

Thanks for your help with that.
So, today I went to Home Depot to return the other one and get enough to finish the backsplash.

And I started looking at the displays.

Seriously, I just need to get out of the tile aisle.

I love tile.

But I cannot make up my mind.

I saw about another 5 displays I'd love in my house.

And I saw more backsplash ideas.

This is where you come in.

You all were so helpful the last time I called on your expertise.

Can you help this lady out again?

You're so awesome!

Ok, I'll keep this one tile A:

Tile B:

Tile C:

What you should know (that I didn't tell you before, but really did help us make our decision) is that our floor tile looks like this:

And that's the bath mat.  I included it to show you that there are tons of circles in that bathroom.  Which is why I included tile B.

Also, Tile A is approximately 4" tall. 

Tiles B and C are approximately 6".

On Tile C- that's actually two pieces.  It really looked awesome on the Home Depot display.  It didn't photograph well here at all.  Those brown tiles in the center of that bottom strip are brown glass tiles.  That top strip has a finished edge- which I like on a backsplash.

The other two have a blunt edge.

Tile A really does match our flooring the best.
And that itty bitty glass tile is very cute.

Tile B has a certain sophistication to it.  I like the brassy inserts with the circle.  I also like the brightness of the limestone.

What do you think?


Funky Mama Bird said...

I would use A and see if you can purchase a 1/4 round in the same color of glass that's in the border to go on top and finish the border.

If home depot doesn't have 1/4 rounds or pencil tiles in glass, check out Lunada Bay Tile (lunadabaytile.com) and see if you can order a few pieces of "baby bar" in Honey natural or pearl. They are just shy of 8-inches long and will create a finish piece for the top.

Mama E said...

All right, I promise to be of MORE help than I was last time while still giving you a laugh. I still like A. I like B, but the circles with the point in the middle remind me of a portion of the female anatomy... Oh the places my mind goes... See now wasn't that helpful??

Joy and Randy said...

Randy and I both still like A...and agree that you NEED to stay out of the tile aisle. Seriously. If you need any more tile, send Dave. :o)

Lyndsay said...

Still like A the best!

Liz said...

Yup...still A. :)

Michelle B said...

I'd go with A as well... it's my favorite, with B in second.

Parening in blue jeans said...

I like A also. B is too traditional for me and C is not semetrical enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I still love A.