Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A. was very excited about St. Patrick's Day this year. He personally made sure that all of us were wearing green this morning. Then, he comes home from school with a "hat" that they made in class. I love these. They're basically headbands made from paper, stapled together, with a seasonal decoration on them. It's nice to see that the teacher's now-a-days are continuing the embarrassing traditions of my youth. Perhaps wearing seasonal paper hats is a rite of passage for preschoolers. Either way, Adam came home tonight with a Leprechaun hat.
We all got a chance to "enjoy" it.

even Molly got in on the fun!!!


Liz said...

Very cute:)

Joy and Randy said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Rach said...

so funny sandy! I think I like it on you the best