Saturday, March 7, 2009

C.'s first friend birthday party!

You know your baby is growing up when he starts getting invited to friend's birthday parties. This one was for a good friend of ours, Sabrina. Coincidentally...we're almost family. Kathy's little brother is married to Dave's little sister. I'm glad, too because it brought some AWESOME people into our lives.

At first, C. was just interested in all the cool toys! There was a zebra balloon he was quite fond of. I was almost afraid that he was going to pop it!!!

We started by singing the fishy song...really cute, but C. didn't quite know what to think.

Birthday girl, Sabrina and her mommy, Kathy.

Happy Birthday, Sabrina!!!

The whole party clan. Fun group of kids and adults.

Then, we felt overly ambitious and decided to get one of all the kiddos without parents!

When we went to leave, Sabrina came to give C. a hug..which he wasn't fond of (we really haven't taught him how to hug others yet, so he wasn't sure) so C. just waved bye-bye to 'Brina. Happy birthday, big girl!!!

What a fun morning! Sabrina and C. say, "Hi Uncle Mike and Aunt Erin!!! Thanks for introducing us, we are having lots of fun playing together!"

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Kathy said...

It was was so great to have you and Colin there yesterday. Sabrina and I are so blessed to have you both as friends. You took some great pictures and I absolutely LOVE the videos you posted. It was great to share those with Matt. I hope we can get together soon!!