Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hello everyone!

Since A. LOVED going to Camp Manitou-Lin last summer, we decided to make it a financial priority again this year. The YMCA does offer scholarships, but they also offer a fund raiser in the winter months to help off-set the cost of camp. Thus the basis of my blog entry today: We're selling World's Finest Candy Bars!!!

A. will receive $25 for every box sold. The candy bars are only $1 each. They come in Milk Chocolate, Almond, Caramel, and Crispy. My goal is to sell at least one box- if not two. Please help us get to our goal!!!


Rach said...

what? I had no idea that Adam went to Manitoulin....I only went every year of my life till I was 16. I did regular camp & horse camp. My mom was even the camp nurse when we were all little. Aaahhh, the memories. But that was before they built that ugly monstrosity. So fun, bring some to church & I'll totally& carmel for us!

Rach said...

not sure why that got cut off....sorry. Bring some to church & I'll totally buy some. Milk chocolate & carmel please

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

What ugly monstrosity? I'll be hauling the box to church, you can bet on that! Thanks for the support! Adam loved it last year- he really had tons of fun and gained a lot of confidence. Plus, it wore him out everyday. BONUS!