Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheap Drugs!!!

I went for a little drive today...
My friend, Liz (and Joy) told me about the Perrigo company store in Allegan, and I had to go for myself to see if I could save some money on allergy meds for the boys. Holy cow, did I save. I felt like a kid in a candy store! (Now that I've written the previous statement, I'm realizing just how old I am- I feel like a kid in a candy store talking about drugs...oye). Anyway, generic Zyrtec for 50 cents...incredible.
Below is my loot that I came home with- Children's Tylenol, Ibprofen for the boys and Dave. Multi-Vitamins for everyone, generic Prilosec for me.
I spent $42.25.
If I had bought these items in the store: $170.96
(give or take a few dollars depending if items are on sale)
Yep, I'll take that.


Rach said...

Holy cow Sandy! awesome. I love hearing about great deals. Doesn't it just make you ill how much drug companies charge?

Kathy said...

Isn't Perrigo awesome?? My mom's been getting drugs there for years. I need to run out there soon, can you email me the hours if you know them? :)

Joy and Randy said...

Glad you made it there! I will be making a stop there again when we come over in June.

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

You better make a stop here when you come over in June!!!