Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yes, there's pics of the house as you scroll down, but no blog would be complete without the boys. :) Bare with me...

How cute are they?!?!?


Matt playing on the house. Gosh, I love Matt. :) He's my favorite form of entertainment.

The siding is finished!

Next came insulation:

The Great room.

Blown in insulation- it took them about 3 hours to do the entire house! It's made of recycled newspaper and blue jeans, and the R value is better than regular batting- bonus!

Today, the crew came to hang the drywall!!!! DRYWALL! DRYWALL!!!

Yes, tears were shed (by me...). We're still a looonnngggg way from moving in, but this makes it so real!

In the Great room- even greater with a little vino...and drywall. :)

The HAPPY drywalled couple! (in the great room)

Dave in the half bath/ laundry room
(he's already stinking it up!)

This is the view in the kitchen looking into the great room. That door connects the addition and the love shack.

The great room...even greater with drywall!

Basement level looking through the play room toward the bathroom and hallway to our bedroom.

This is our bedroom (eventually the guest room).
Wow, look! A bedroom with a CLOSET!
Hot dog!

David, I salute you- I love you too!

Colin thinks it's all good too!
So, when will we be moved in? Well, that's a good question. The drywall was half the battle. Now we need everything to make daily living a possibility. We have the bathroom faucets, but no sink to put them in...or floorcoverings to put them upon, so we still have a ways to go, and a ways to save. Keep us in your prayers! We'll see where the Christmas tree goes up this year!
We have drywall!


Joy and Randy said...

How many times can you say drywall in one blog post? I am very happy for you guys, and you're right, it does make it seem more real. Yay drywall!!! Oh yeah...the boys are cute too, as always. :)

Dan and Erin Behm said...

See what a college education will get you....How to say drywall in one blog 46 times! Love ya Sis...Mom can't bet the only one taking the heat from me....Wish I could be there to help!

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

Wow- 46 times?!?!? You'd think I was excited about drywall or something. :)

Rach said...

Drywall Rules!! Funny how simple things can make one so happy. Hurray! It looks great