Friday, August 15, 2008


On August 9, I was in an accident going east on 28th. St. I was treated and released from the hospital with minor whiplash and a bruised sternum along with a colorful array of bruises and burns from the airbag and seat belt.

D. went to get the van on the following Monday, and took it to a friends house to disassemble. Here's some pics of the van.


passenger side (took most of the impact)

not sure if you can see it here or not, there's dents and white stress marks where my knees slammed into the dash.

pretty, pretty hood.

passenger side

driver side- I had to kick the door open to get out. The stroller broke the window in back.

close up.

head on.

Things I'm grateful for with this accident:
  1. The boys weren't with me. That is usually never the case, but I was working a wedding up and church, and they were safe at home with Dave.
  2. I turned the car at the last minute, so the passenger side took most of the 45 mph impact instead of a direct head on collision.
  3. After impact, I went across the turning lane as well as across two lanes of oncoming traffic before being stopped by a curb on the other side of the road. The accident took place at 5:30 on 28th St, and I was NOT hit by any other cars coming from the opposite direction!
  4. The other driver was not badly injured. (I essentially T-Boned him at 45 mph). He complained of chest pains at the scene and was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was treated and released.
  5. Many witnesses stopped to help me. After using a phone to call Dave, he got to me in less than 10 minutes (including calling the sitter to come over!).
  6. The accident wasn't my fault.
Thank you, God, for keeping me safe.


Liz said...

So glad that you are okay...not so sure about the van...

Joy and Randy said...

OUCH!! as someone who has been through quite a few accidents, I have to say that that was quite a doozy!! I am also glad that you are okay and that the boys were not with you.