Friday, August 15, 2008

C.'s First Birthday!

Can you believe that C. is already 1 year old?!?!? Where did the year go?

C. has been a lot of fun this year. I'm not sure if its because he's the second child, and we're not as anxious about everything or just his demeanor, but he's just so much fun. Listed below are some C. fun facts:
  • He loves music! He loves to shake his body whenever he hears a melody.
  • He already knows how to climb the gate- and the entertainment center.
  • Nicknames: Crazy C., Kamikaze C., C.inater, and mommy's little C-Note (that one only comes out late at night)
  • C. thinks that sneezes and eskimo kisses are funny.
  • He LOVES to eat! Favorites include blueberries, grapes, watermelon, and steak
  • He is not fond of broccoli and Pasta Pick-ups (gerber ravoli)
  • He took one step earlier this month, two steps the next day and nothing since.
  • He likes echo-y places. He loves the malls...and church (unfortunately- he wants to hear the echo in church which means he's quite vocal)
  • He LOVES to laugh and smile.
  • He loves his mommy. (And mommy loves him!).....and he loves his daddy too.
  • Favorite words:mama, dada, Ada, buh (bye), and ROAR! and Uh-oh
  • C. has 11 teeth- all front teeth, frou molars and 3 eye-teeth- CRAZY!
Here's some pics from his birthday party.

In papa Ken's hat.

Sloppy Joe's- mmmmmmmm


Yummy frosting!

Uncle Matt, this is what happens when you get too close to the birthday boy! (For those of you who can't see it, Matt's face is covered with frosting)

Starting the train- mania early! He loved it!

C. loved this toy in the box! He was crawling all over the top of the box!

A. is ready for bed after the festivities.

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Joy and Randy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!!!! It is so sad yet rewarding to watch your children grow up. One of life's little conundrums.