Saturday, April 23, 2016


So, we are in this season of spring.

Manic May seems to have arrived early. At least the manic part of it anyway.

A few nights ago, I was headed out to reconnect with my friend. Before I met with her, I had to drop A-dubya off at baseball practice.  I looped back past our street on my way out .

The church behind us faces this main street. They have beautiful expansive lawns. While driving by, I saw a man and a little girl in their front lawn trying to fly a kite. The dad looked so patient and gentle with his little girl in her pink ballcap.  The sight melted my heart.

As I drove closer, I was able to get a better look of this sweet scene. And I realized:

That was my husband

With our little girl.

And my heart nearly exploded.

I didn't snap a picture because I was driving, but I did take a mental picture and humbly asked God to make this a sticky memory- one that I won't ever forget.

Later, that night Dave sent me this:

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