Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you give a kid a hat

If you give a kid a hat,

He'll want to bring it to preschool to show his friends.

And since he's in preschool, he's a big boy now, and

he'll ask you for privacy when he goes potty.

And when he asks for privacy, he'll close the door right in your face.

And since that door is closed, he'll probably get a little curious in the bathroom.

And chances are...if he opens the drawer, he'll find the hair grooming kit.

And....he'll probably open it.

And once he sees the oil in said kit, he'll probably see if he can open it.

And perhaps even apply some to his hair.

And while he's in the kit, he may just decide to help mommy out and give himself a haircut.

And after the door has been shut for a few minutes, his mommy may just come in to find the kid up to
"no good."

And she may just find this: 

And if he looks like this, his mommy may just dig out that hat and give it to him.

 At which point, he'll ask to wear his hat....the next time he goes to preschool.


mrsmarkdave said...

Oh my gosh how funny. Every kid does it, don't they?

Kathy said...

Oh goodness! Atleast he can rock the short 'do, he's got a good shaped melon. ;)

Chasity said...

You are hilarious! At least he isn't a girl with long flowing hair! Glad you handled it so well!

Heidi said...

Love, love, love the story! Well, at least it'll make a good story when he's older.

Anne said...

LOL... what a cute way to post your story... My daughter who is now 19 did the same thing to her sister who is now 18 when they were 5 & 6.. she chopped her sisters long hair and we had to take her into a salon to fix it ... then she looked like a boy with short hair.. I was sooooo mad but now I just love to look back on the pictures and we all laugh.

Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com

Mama M. said...

OMG!!!!! Yikes! So...how'd you hold it together??? ;)