Monday, April 12, 2010

Decisions, decisions- and rush hour traffic

Seems like the addition is kind of like rush hour traffic.

You're going at a steady clip.

Then slam on the brakes.

Then you inch along.

Sometimes you're at a complete stand still.

Then, a break comes and you actually make it up to a steady stream of 25 mph.

Then you slow down again.

Then stop.

Then inching...

Yep, that's what we're doing.

The woodwork is done.  Doors hung, trim, windows...all done.

Looks beautiful.

But unfinished.

And I feel like a driver in rush hour traffic.

I know the destination I want to get to.

But I'm stuck miles away.

Sometimes I'm fine sitting still.  I look around at the other "drivers" and smile and wave.

Other times, I'm shaking my fists and uttering kid-friendly "cuss" words like: 

This is a bunch of ballyhoo!

Right now, Dave is trying to decide whether or not to hire a painter to come in and finish the wood.

I'm in on the decision as well, of course.

But, this woodwork is his baby.

He's spent the last 8 months working on it.

This house will essentially be his portfolio.

If a painter messes up the stain...well, that would be bad.

Very, very bad.

(Don't even get me started on the issue we had with the drywallers!)

I just want it done.


Jenna said...

Hopefully the traffic jam will clear and you'll be runinning full speed ahead!! I can't imagine having to wait that long to get something finished! I'm too impatient!

Andrea said...

Hello! Following from the UBP:-)