Thursday, January 29, 2009

CanDo and WillDo

The Do Brothers visited our home this week. They are doing home visits from A.'s school helping us talk to the kids about listening and doing things the first time without having to be retold (which is a personal pet peeve of mine, so I'm a big fan of the brothers). There's also a journal involved. We were reading some of the entries, and became aware that some of the dates were from before A. was even born! A. was also excited to see what the Do Brothers did at some of his friend's houses. This was a great exercise!

Also, A. had some inspiration for manipulating from the Do Brothers. He tried to turn the exercise on Dave and I. "Mommy, WillDo is not feeling well, and he told me that he needs to sleep in your bed and watch TV." (He's not allowed in our room/ laundry room/office). "Mommy, CanDo is really hungry, and it is snack time, but he can't eat the healthy stuff because it upsets his tummy. He wants to eat the chocolate chips and pretzels. We don't want to make him repeat himself." A. usually isn't manipulative, so this was new for us. Perhaps the manipulative side of A. will disappear when the Do Brothers head back to school! (one can only hope)

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